An Ultimate Guide to Look Young

Struggling with dull looking skin? Well, for most of us, our skin starts to lose its glow as soon as we turn thirty (The number varies depending on your skin care habits). I get it that there are a few factors we cannot control. They include low levels of estrogen, genetics and our natural bone structure. But, there are plenty of other things we can control. As soon you see the tiniest wrinkle, frown line or an age spot, you should immediately start with your skin care regimen. Haven't established a skin care regimen until now? Don't worry, here is an in-depth guide that will help you look young.

1. What goes into your body matters as much as what goes on your skin

As soon as you visit a dermatologist, he/she will advise you to tweak your lifestyle a bit. This is so because you cannot entirely depend on a bunch of creams and lotions to make your skin look young and rejuvenated. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It feeds on nutrients you put inside your body. a nutrient rich diet equals beautiful skin. Here is what you can do:

• Make sure you include a vitamin D supplement in your diet, consult your dermatologist first.

• Consume foods rich in Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Salmon, olive oil, and nuts are a great source of fatty acids. You can also include a supplement in your diet.

• Drink water, 2 liters of water a day will make your skin appear hydrated and flush out all the toxins. So, drink up

• Cut out all the processed and sugary foods. Instead, incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet.

2. Be mindful of the sun exposure

Sun damage is the number 1 cause of skin aging. That's how harmful it is. The UV rays from the sun damage the collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and drooping eyelids. Not only that, but skin pigmentation is also triggered by sun damage. Now, you cannot be a vampire and hide from the sun all your life but here is what you can do:

Use sunscreen every day. Apply sunscreen to your face, neck hands and other exposed parts of your body, 30 minutes before you go out in the sun. If sunscreens are not your thing, you can always use makeup which has sunscreen in it. Foundations, powders and lip balms all have sunscreen in them.

Wear clothing that covers you and adds a layer of protection to your skin.

Avoid going out in the sun during peak hours, use sunglasses and scarves for added protection.

3. Retinoid is your best friend

Retinoid is vitamin A derivative compound that will work wonders for your skin. It speeds up the cell turnover process, makes your skin look radiant and glowing. However, make sure to consult a dermatologist and it can also dry out your skin. Here is how you can use retinoid safely and effectively:

Book an appointment with a dermatologist. This is the first step in the maintenance of a youthful looking skin.

To begin with, use a product that is gentler on your skin and build your way up to stronger products.

Moisturize your skin more than usual as retinoid can sometimes dry out your skin.

Use the retinol creams during the night before going to sleep and use a moisturizer afterward.

4. Pick Hydrating Products

Think of what a child's skin looks like. It glows without being made up. That's what your goal is. Heavy black kohl might be great for when you are twenty but it might be a little too much for when you are 40. Powders can make your wrinkles look more pronounced and prominent. Here is how you can choose makeup to suit your skin:

Grab hydrating foundations and lipsticks. Stay away from powders and stick with liquids and creams.

Highlighters are your best friend. They give your skin a luminosity and glow that you have always wanted. However, stay away from glittery highlighters and stick with subtle ones.

Use lighter lipstick and blush shades. It is better to stick with peaches, pinks and nudes. Avoid anything that is too dark.

Switch your hair color to a lighter one and your look will be completely transformed.

5. Move, move and move some more

Exercise releases endorphins and they make you happy and healthy. I am not suggesting for you eat, sleep and breathe at the gym but simply increase your daily activity level. Take stairs instead of an elevator. Park your car a few blocks away and then walk to the shopping mall. Dance, run or do yoga; whatever your preference is but move your body. Your overall health and skin will thank you.